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Tijl is a family restaurant, where everyone can feel like at home. It has a cozy atmosphere because of great host family and excellent service.

Our kitchen chef is one of the best in the island. He has worked in the biggest restaurants networks and perfectly knows about almost all world’s kitchens. Food is prepared from the best quality and the freshest products here. We buy our dishes’ ingredients only from Tenerife’s organic and eco-friendly farms.

We present traditional Spanish food for tourist. We even make homemade ice-cream, which anyone couldn’t resist.


  • Special dinner menu just for you ( reservation is necessary). We can cook for you lamp, goat, seafood, beef the way you like. You can bring your own caught fish and we will prepare it for you. Our chef recommends sous vide technique.
  • Food to-go. We have special selection of food to bring home with you: stewed goat ham, rabbit meat, salted salmon, ajika, homemade cakes and other sweets, homemade bread, frozen dumplings, pancakes and even homemade ice-cream.
  • Excursions with yacht are available to purchase.

For loyal guests we make a discount.


  • Business meetings and group’s breakfast . Reservation at least a day before. Menu will be discussed during reservation.
    Time: 9:00 – 12:00
    Guests: at least 10
    Price: from 3.50 €
  • Special day offer. Usually it is two course lunch with selected drink.
    Time: 12:00 – 17:00
    Price: from 15.00 €
  • Reservations for special occasions (birthdays, weddings, family meetings, etc.). Menu will be discussed during reservation. We can help you to organize your special dinner at your place.
    Guests: at least 10
    Price: from 25.00 € per person
  • Presentation of traditional Spanish cuisine for tourists (paella). Reservation at least a day before.
    Guests: at least 4 people
    Price: from 15.00 €

Take a look to our amazing chefs!

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