tijl restaurante tenerife


Octopus with mushroom-paprika salad, seaweed and red wine vinegar-orange dressing

Tiger prawns with homemade saffron aioli

Gravlax with honey-mustard, red caviar and dill

12 €


Duck Foie Gras pate served on the bed on brioche with calvados poached pear and puree of opuntia

Slow cooked beef with anchovies creme and crunchy onion rings

White wine braised rabbit with papaya chutney

12 €


Fish soup with seafood 12 €

Borscht with sour cream 7,50 €

S A L A D S  A N D  S N A C K S

Duck Foie Gras pate served on the bed of Brioche with Calvados
poached figs and Opuntia purée 21 €

Carpaccio of octopus served with mushroom and bell pepper accompanied with red wine vinegar-orange dressing 14 €

Gravlax served with honey-mustard sauce, poached egg, red
caviar and fresh cucumber 14 €

Tiger prawns sautéed in garlic oil accompanied with blue cheese sauce and fresh avocado 14 €

Tartar of tuna served with crushed avocado, courgette and endives salad with frozen citrus crème 12,50 €

Cured tuna accompanied with boiled blue potato and salad trio of carrots, beets and eggs 12,50 €

Slow cooked beef with hummus, anchovy creme and crunchy onions 12,50 €

Camembert cheese baked in filo pastry served with syrup of palm tree sap, sauteed banana and pine nuts 12 €

Beetroot and lentil salad with white wine poached pear, caramelised nuts, topped with soft goat cheese 12 €

Caesar salad with Tiger prawns 9,50 €

Caesar salad with chicken 8,50 €

Fresh vegetable salad 5,50 €

F R O M  T H E  S E A

Seafood plate of octopus, tiger prawns, squid, assorted mussels and topped with garlic butter 27 €

Octopus with black potato purée, braised bell pepper and
golden garlic cloves 18 €

Tiger prawns (9) served with artichoke filled tomato, topped
with garlic butter 18 €

Salmon baked in puff pastry served with asparagus, shrimp
sauce and sun-dried cherry tomatoes 18 €

Grilled tuna steak with endive braised in maracuja juice served
with mint-fennel salad 16,50 €

Coral Reef shark confit in butter on the bed of seaweed risotto and sweet bell pepper 14,50 €

Steamed fillet of Dorada served with ragout of vegetables, mushrooms and lentils accompanied by tarragon sauce 14,50 €

P A S T A  D I S H E S

Tagliatelle with seafood 16,50 €

Black dumplings with salmon filling served with Tiger prawns
and saffron sauce 12,50 €

Spinach and goat cheese filled dumplings with mushroom sauce
10,50 €

Homemade dumplings with beef and pork filling served with
Carbonara sauce 8,50


Filet of grass fed beef with potato chips, Portobello, asparagus, gratin tomato, crunchy onion rings and Demi-glace 28 €

Entrecote of grass fed beef with potato chips, Portobello, asparagus, gratin tomato, crunchy onion rings and Demi-glace 24 €

Lamb loin sous-vide with mint flavored Demi-glace, crushed broccoli, pine nuts and caramelized carrots 24 €

Duck breast sous-vide on a bed of broccoli mash with caramelised oranges and sauce of figs 21,50 €

Saddle of Iberico pork served with potato puree, dark apple sauce and Calvados marinated prunes 16 €

Pan seared chicken breast served with forest mushroom risotto 14 €

Oven baked Sous-vide of rabbit in white wine, topped with puff pastry and served with potato mash 14 €

Beef braised in coconut milk with cardamon rice 14 €


Chocolate cake “King” 5 €

Cheesecake “Tijl” 5 €

Creme Brulee 5 €

Homemade ice cream 5 €

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